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Jul 19, 2011 5:00pm EDT
you in march. curt brooks was headed home from work one night when he appeared a drunken driver on i- 95. so curt did what he does best, he videotaped it. andrea mckaren was in stafford county court where all of this played out with finality today. >> yes, it did. one of our colleagues part of a news story. it turned out his video tape proved critical to the conviction. >> okay, he is about ready to head on collision. oh my god. >> the video is heart stopping and in a courtroom today, a judge watched the tape showing the alleged driver nearly causing a head on collision. >> he almost did. >> it was very compelling. it was clear that this is not just somebody weaving down the road. he almost killed somebody. >> curt brooks had followed the driver more than 25 miles and led police to their suspect. with his dash board camera rolling, curt captured the near head on collision and the suspect nearly running him off the road. we sped up the video so you can see what the judge saw. the driver straddling the center line and swerving on to the shoulder. >> they looked at the initial near coll
Jul 18, 2011 5:00pm EDT
tuesday. brooks was arrested over the weekend and released on bail. she spent hours answering questions about what she knew about hacking while she was in charge. >> she is not guilty of any criminal offense. >> police have arrested at least ten people in connection with the investigation, but no one has been charged with any crime yet. tina krouse, cbs news, london. >>> thank you for that. police inspectors looking into the possibility of corruption amid news that two more top officials could be involved. general david patraeus today handed over command of u.s. and nato led troops in afghanistan. now oversea the process of transferring security to afghan forces. general patraeus takes over as cia director. during his year in afghanistan, he oversaw the arrival of 30,000 additional troops to stop the momentum of the growing insurgency there. anita and anny. >> we are out here on the terrace and we're not the only ones in the soup. it's across the whole country. >> yeah, in the midwest, temperatures are in the upper 90s. and it's going to be some really intense, dangerous heat
Jul 20, 2011 5:00pm EDT
cozy to rebecca brooks. 1993 never held a slumber party or seen her in her pajamas. >> reporter: the prime minister promised to clear up the mess. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> the house of commons also released a scathing report on the initial investigation into the hacking allegations and politicians came to the conclusion that news international deliberately tried to block a criminal investigation. >>> we have got a commuter alert for drivers in wheaton. southbound george avenue remaining closed after a water main break early this morning. water was shot off in the area. georgia avenue was closed in both directions during the morning rush hour an those repair crews have been working out in the heat all day. northbound is now open but officials say it could be tomorrow until those southbound lanes reopen. >>> coming up. the u.s. post master general tells u.s.a. today the budget whoas plaguing our postal system if you only got mail three days a week. we will have reaction. >>> president obama calls top lawmakers to the white house as a new plan to end the debt crisis takes s
Jul 11, 2011 5:00pm EDT
you fill us in. >> reporter: we hopped off 270 off middle brook road and that was about six miles out of the scene. at that point, traffic was really starting to slow down. you mentioned moments ago, lesli, terrible timing. you don't want 270 ever shut down, let alone rush hour. so 270 was starting to back up and we're now traveling north on frederick road, starting to see a slowdown here as well. as you had mentioned, the evacuations are underway. everyone is safe as we're told so far, however, as we understand it, this gas main is a major concern for rescue crews in the area so they are clearing folks from their neighborhood and homes. we do understand that a construction crew severed that six-much gas main -- six-inch gas main. they are shutting down that road, clarksburg road east and westbound between 3:55 and -- 355 and wayland, route 207 at 120, also shut down. so it will be a commutedders heading home -- commuters. i guess the good news, police and fire crews are trying to get this under control. we're gonna continue to chug our way through -- cluck our way through traffic
Jul 6, 2011 5:00pm EDT
is rebecca brooks who headed up the tabloid newspaper for years and is now in charge of murdock's british news corporation. she says she will continue to lead the company despite for calls for her to resign. charlie d'agata, london. >> police are already begun to look into evidence that the newspaper paid officers in return for information. >>> coming up next. new at 5:30:00 p.m. casey anthony could be spending her last full day behind bars. we will talk about what's next for the florida mom acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter. >>> president obama reconnects with young voters in his first twitter town hall. i'm danielle nottingham at the white house. i'll have that story coming up. >> the charge for first-degree murder. we the jury find the defendant knot guilty for count 1. so say we all. orange county, florida. >>> shocking the nation and dividing core spectators. tonight an alternate juror says he feels compassion for the young woman and hopes she will get assume help. russell says anthony can no longer live a life of dishonesty. he was not involved in the jury delib
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5